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So, I’ve not talked about this before but I’m a third culture kid! I would not put myself on the same page as people who have had to learn a new language and an entirely new culture, but when I was 10, my parents moved me from Australia to the UK.

I think in another blog piece I may go over the questions that I hate being asked by people when they find this out, but this piece is going to focus on the fact that a few days ago it was my 13th Anniversary of arriving in the country. It is also not far off the 7th year Anniversary of the last time I was in my home country. I still have Australian Citizenship, but every year, I feel less and less attached to the land that I still want to call home.

My parents choice to come here for better earnings. My father had been offered a great job and the company was going to pay for the trip and help set us up. They stayed for the better life. They made great friends; both British and Antipodean. I also started getting a better education, and although I never received any actual help for my ADD, the teachers expected more from me.

These are great reasons to stay, but I still, even today, like they stole a part of my identity. It is something I have struggles with for most of my life. I really feel stuck in the middle a lot of the time; I sound too British to blend in back in Australia, but I’m also far to Australian to pass for British.¬†I also feel the same on the question; would I go back as I love my life in Britain, but I really don’t ever feel like I belong.

So, really, just a complicated way of saying, sometimes life is really confusing and complicated. More than anything, people are just looking for a place to belong and people that they can identify with.


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