Ferguson and Social Media


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I am a resident of the United Kingdom. I am a consumer of Tumblr and Facebook. I am terrified about what is happening in America.

Besides the abhorrent violence that is being shown to the black community and the complete lack of responsibility that the local government and police force is taking, I am terrified of the fact that the British people have no clue that this is happening. Time and again I have talked to people that I know are activists and care for the well-being of all people who know nothing of what is happening in the US.

Outside of Tumblr, this is not trending. No one seems to be talking about this on Facebook or Twitter. If they are, you need to be looking for it. I can’t believe that the new release of a Nicki Minaj single and the Great British Bake Off is taking precedence over what could be a new racial movement in the US.

I know that this is nothing to do with the UK government and politics. I know that the UK is currently deal with it’s own home grown issues. However, I really feel that what we are seeing here is a serious breach of human rights that we should all be horrified about. The presence of Amnesty international should speak volumes!

Lastly, I wish safety for everyone protesting for there rights. I hope they all make it home and all see a difference in their society.


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