Starting Again


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Some of you reading this saw the last blog that I had on this page, others of you will have only just come across this page. Either way, this is not the first time I tried to do a blog about my life or all the issues that affect it, however, last time I really lost track of it. I didn’t post anything for months about what I was doing, how I was feeling or what new and interesting ideas had affected me. Because of this I decided to start again. I hope to keep on top of this blog and really, well, affect people.

I guess basic information is needed about who I am before you start reading the rest of the blog. To some myself up; I am an early twenties, gender-fluid, pansexual, polyamorous, high-sociable, minimum-paid, feminist. I have only really starting identifying with most of these things in the last year. Although they have been part of my life in one way or another for a very long time, it just took my forever to admit to them.

The question is, why blog? I want to blog because I spend so much of my day (which is spent working hard in the catering industry) thinking about society, the way people think, the way I think and the way these things are all connected, so I want to share these ideas and feelings that I’m having with the world. I also have no really dream as of yet. All I know about my future is that I want to affect people. I want people to feel like their life is just a little bit better after having known me.

I know that sounds ridiculously hubris, but what I mean when I say I want to affect people’s lives is that I want to challenge peoples beliefs and I want them to challenge mine. I feel that in an idealistic world, communication, understanding and empathy would mean that people would no longer be judgemental or prejudice. Although I do realise that pragmatically it would never really happen.

At the end of all this, I guess what I’m trying to say is that I have some views, and you have some views. Let me know where we overlap and where we differ and see if we both can’t learn something new.


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